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September 6, 2023
John Mattera’s Vision for a Global Private Exchange to Transform the Industry

The traditional investment landscape is facing a paradigm shift as global private exchange platforms rise to prominence. Addressing long-standing challenges of liquidity and capital infusion for private companies, John Mattera unveils how a global private exchange could be a game-changer. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and modern regulatory frameworks, these platforms promise to unlock substantial value for both businesses and investors.

1. The Need for a Global Private Exchange

In the current global landscape, private companies across diverse industries and regions require more efficient and flexible capital-raising and liquidity avenues. Traditional Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) may not always be practical or appealing due to regulatory scrutiny and financial reporting obligations. A global private exchange, as envisioned by John Mattera, bridges this gap, offering advantages such as:

Enhanced capital access: A global private exchange can attract a broader base of accredited investors, providing crucial funds for growth and innovation.
Improved liquidity: By enabling buy and sell capabilities, the private exchange facilitates secondary market transactions, allowing shareholders to monetize investments outside of IPOs or acquisitions.
Customized market-making: Tailored market-making solutions can maintain a well-functioning market, ensuring fair price discovery and efficient transactions.

2. Key Components of a Global Private Exchange

John Mattera explains that creating a successful global private exchange involves several critical components:

A. Regulatory Framework

Navigating international regulations is integral to building a global private exchange. Collaboration with regulatory bodies ensures compliance while advocating for progressive legislation tailored to private companies’ unique needs.

B. Technological Infrastructure

A robust technological foundation is essential for a global private exchange’s success. It must offer seamless user experiences, secure transactions, and cutting-edge features:

Blockchain-based settlements: Distributed ledger technology ensures faster, more secure, and cost-efficient settlements.
Digital securities: Tokenizing private securities enhances liquidity and trading efficiency.
Advanced trading tools: Features like algorithmic trading empower participants for precise execution.

C. Market-Making Mechanisms

Market-making is pivotal for a functional private exchange. Tailored solutions for private companies, including:

Customized liquidity provision: Collaborating with market-makers establishes tailored liquidity pools.
Price stabilization mechanisms: Circuit breakers and similar measures protect investors from extreme volatility.
Investor education: Offering resources educates investors, fostering a knowledgeable user base.

3. Attracting a Diverse Ecosystem of Participants

A thriving global private exchange hinges on diverse participation:

Private companies: The exchange must attract high-quality firms across industries and regions.
Accredited investors: A broad spectrum of investors, from institutions to high-net-worth individuals, ensures demand for private securities.
Service providers: Partnerships with industry players enhance the exchange’s comprehensive services.

4. Promoting Transparency and Trust

Transparency and trust are fundamental for a global private exchange’s success, as outlined by John Mattera:

Rigorous due diligence: Stringent standards ensure listed companies meet financial, operational, and governance criteria, instilling market confidence and protecting investors.
Enhanced reporting and disclosure: Encouraging voluntary financial and non-financial disclosures promotes transparency and informed decision-making.
Robust cybersecurity measures: Cutting-edge security safeguards user data, building participant trust.


Establishing a global private exchange with buy and sell capabilities and innovative market-making mechanisms can transform private company investment. Through inclusivity, efficiency, and transparency, a global private exchange can generate substantial value for both companies and investors. Addressing regulatory, technological, and market-making challenges while fostering diverse participation paves the way for a vibrant ecosystem. Ultimately, a functional global private exchange can catalyze innovation and economic growth, benefiting participants worldwide.

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