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It’s-a-sale – Five Mario Day bargains to pick up this weekend on Nintendo Switch


It’s the weekend, you don’t have much planned, the Switch is on charge and you need a new game No way are you going to pay full price for a Mario game though. And Nintendo? They never lower the prices of its main character’s games, do they?

WRONG! It’s Mar10 Day/weekend and there is a decent online sale packed full of plumbing madness. It’s a shame games such as Super Mario Bros. Wonder don’t even get a teensy discount and the sale is reliant on older members of the franchise, but there are still great times to be had here.

Our Top Five MarIO Day Picks

1 – Mario Kart 8
If you don’t have this already it should be your essential Mar10 Day purchase with 33% off the regular asking price. There’s a bundle too with the Booster Courses but that only comes in at 23% off.

2 – Mario Party Superstars

If you love party games, and let’s face it, Nintendo consoles are famous for them then this comes with a 33% discount until the end of the sale.

3 – Luigi’s Mansion 3
Also packing a 33% tidy discount, LM3’s spooky puzzle platformer is a fun twist on the normal Mario formula.

4 –  Mario Tennis Aces

New-a-balls-a-please. Okay, we have to stop doing that but take Mario out onto the court in this fun Tennis game in time for summer.

5 – Yoshi’s Crafted World

The latest Yoshi adventure just looks gorgeous with tons of collectables to find and a quirky gameplay mechanic.

Mario Day Sale

Here’s a handy list of some of the best Mario deals this weekend. The sale actually runs until the stroke of March 18th so you have time to make your mind up properly before getting the wallet out and handing your cash to Nintendo.

Mario Kart 8 — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Luigi’s Mansion 3 — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Mario Party Superstars — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Mario Golf: Super Rush — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Mario Tennis Aces — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Yoshi Crafted World — $39.99 (RRP $59.99).
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 — $23.99 (RRP $59.99).
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope — $19.79 (RRP $59.99).

Nintendo is also giving a free 14-day trial to Nintendo Switch Online if you sign up before the 18th, and in better news, you can still access it even if you have previously had a freebie before.

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