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December 14, 2023
Intel’s new Core Ultra chips are built for AI era

Intel’s Core Ultra marks the “Age of the AI PC”, according to the global computing giant’s newsroom and social channels.

The age of the AI PC is here with the new #IntelCoreUltra processor. The most efficient x86 processor for ultrathin systems that seamlessly brings the power of #AI to work and play. Visit

— Intel (@intel) December 14, 2023

The announcement made across their socials coincided with the company’s “AI Everywhere” event today in New York.

Intel’s Core Ultra processors enter the marketplace

Intel Core Ultra processors, code-named ‘Meteor Lake’ are the driving force behind Intel’s newest brand of artificial intelligence (AI)-focused PCs.

Key specs like a “neural processing unit” for a range of AI workloads and new “Intel ARC Graphics” to enhance 3D graphics performance were on show at the event.

The chips are the first to be built on Intel 4 Process Technology. The chips are stacked and housed with varying types of silicone and a packaging technique named “Foveros”.

Intel boasts they are the most power-efficient processors the company has ever built. With two kinds of battery-saving cores, “P-Cores, tackling high-performance tasks, and E-Cores, tackling mundane jobs” according to today’s statement.

Intel Executive Vice President and General Manager of Client Computing Group, Michelle Johnston Holthaus told Intel’s website “The launch of Intel Core Ultra represents the unmatched scale and speed at which Intel is enabling AI on the PC. By 2028, AI PCs will comprise 80% of the PC market.”

Intel unveiled its 14th Generation Core series of desktop processors in October this year. Intel and Apple have been battling it out across 2023 with each attempting to offer the fastest laptop processors with the leaked Apple’s M3 Max processor last month.

AI has been a dominant subject matter across 2023 with the 27 EU member states agreeing to the Artificial Intelligence Act. This marked the first global region to agree on the ethical governance of AI and its deployment throughout the EU.

Image Credit: Intel Newsroom.

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