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December 15, 2023
Instagram launches new personalized template feature

The “Add Yours” story feature released globally today lets users add elements like GIFs, images, and videos to create bespoke story templates.

As reported via Techcrunch, to “create an Add Yours Template, start uploading a Story and add elements like a GIF, custom text or an image from the gallery. Then tap the “Add Yours Templates” sticker and select which elements you want to pin.

The hope is that other users following your Instagram account take on the templates and add their own spin or take inspiration from them.

Meta, Instagram, and Facebook’s parent company have been keen to build on the posting features of both social media platforms throughout 2023.

In a post via the Meta site, the company said: “To close out the year, we’re testing more than 20 new ways generative AI can improve your experiences across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp — spanning search, social discovery, ads, business messaging and more.”

Instagram’s AI-powered background editor

Meta’s Lead for Generative AI Ahmad Al-Dahle announced a new AI-Generated background editing tool to U.S.-based users via Instagram this week.

These “Try it” stickers prompt other users to alter the background of their posts with creative text-based suggestions fuelled by Instagram’s generative AI.

The algorithms that generative AI uses are “learned” from extensive databases that are added to each suggestion or creation. A bank of ever-evolving information based on suggestions is called “prompts.”

This year has seen the development and integration of AI across all of Meta’s social media platforms.

Today, we’re sharing updates to our core AI experiences and new capabilities you can discover across our family of apps. Read all about it here:

— Meta (@Meta) December 6, 2023

This month, Meta announced a stand-alone site for users to create images from these text-based ideas. This tool allows U.S.-based users with an account for Instagram or Facebook to access the site and add suggestions to the text box.

This feature also exists in Facebook Messenger, but the site is aimed at those solely looking to craft their creations via a domain.

Image Credit: Ylanite Koppens, Pexels.

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