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November 24, 2023
HSBC down: online banking app outage for UK customers

HSBC has apologised to customers in the United Kingdom amid ongoing issues with the company’s mobile banking app.

The bank, which has nearly 15 million customers in the UK alone, said it was “investigating this as a matter of urgency” earlier today.

Is the HSBC banking app still down?

As the working week draws to a close in Great Britain the issue is still not fixed, sparking a wave of frustration on social media.

One X user replied to the bank, “Fantastic for a global bank with no branches because online is so good, it’s payday, bills are going out but I can’t transfer my wage to pay them. You gonna pay everyone’s overdraft and late payment charges?”

While another wrote: “Not good enough too many excuses from you, we need compensation from you for this.”

The outage comes on Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year when millions around the globe are attempting to take advantage of sales at large retailers. To make matters worse, today is the last Friday of the month (24 Nov) and millions of Brits are likely attempting to access their funds on payday.

We’re really sorry if you’re impacted by a disruption to Online and Mobile Banking right now. If you’re not able to authorise an online card purchase via the app, you can opt for a one time passcode via SMS. We’ll share updates here.

— HSBC UK (@HSBC_UK) November 24, 2023

Downdetector, a real-time outage monitoring site, showed more than 3,900 people had reported the banking app on their device was not functioning by 9am (GMT).

HSBC’s service status page acknowledged the issue and said all mobile banking services were “currently experiencing log on issues”. At 10:13 (GMT) on Friday the bank posted a further update on X/Twitter, writing: “We’re working hard to restore Mobile and Online Banking service, and the authorising of online card purchases via the app. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll share updates here.”

A further update on X advised customers unable to authorize online card purchases via the app to opt for a one-time passcode via SMS to get around the problem.

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