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January 19, 2024
How to level up fast in Palworld

As we recently discussed, the max level in Palworld is 50. And while you may not want to race to that number on the first day of Early Access, then get bored of the game, end up uninstalling it, and moaning on X that there is not enough content, you also need to know how to level up yourself and your Pals at the maximum rate so that you can catch better Pals quicker.

So with that in mind let’s have a look at the best ways to level up fast and efficiently in Palworld.

Level up quickly in Palworld

We did mention yesterday that Level Sync comes into play and Pals that are stronger than you scale down to match your level so it is advantageous to at least get to a decent level first up, especially as many of the enemies you will come across initially can be much higher than you, especially when you wander off the beaten path and into areas you are maybe not quite ready for.

Base building

You get XP for building your base so it is quite possible you could just hang out there doing a bit of construction work here and there and still climb the levels, but the key to this page is getting those levels quickly, so we are going to have head out and catch some new Pals for our collection.


For every new Pal you capture you will get XP, but di you know if you catch several of the same Pal quickly, you get a bonus that increases with each you bag. So you want to look for, let’s use the word flock, as nobody has told me the correct collective noun of a group of Pals yet, let me know when we have one,  of levels Pals and take them out quickly in succession.

Once you get your level into double figures it’s safer to start taking on the higher level Pals and adding them to your collection and even locating the Alpha Pals that lurk in the South East corner of the map and are easy to find.

Start knocking a few of those off and you will soon get your levels rising quickly.

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