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March 12, 2024
How to get more Renown in Unicorn Overlord


If you haven’t yet played the brilliant Unicorn Overlord then for starters, sort yourself out immediately. This tactical RPG is a huge time-sink and one of those rare games that is easy to get totally absorbed into while playing.

If you have started out on your adventures however you may already know how important the Renown system is as it unlocks important upgrades along the way that you will need for your forces.

How to increase Renown in Unicorn Overlord

Boosting your Renown stats early on is vital for speedy progression. It’s the ticket to expanding unit size and eventually elevating your characters to elite class status.

The most straightforward way of getting your Renown levels up the is through the completion of missions and quests. Post-mission, the game evaluates your performance—speed, enemies you have polished off, and objectives achieved—and applies a Renown-dependent multiplier to your score.

This assessment not only determines your gold, Renown, and honors haul but also means that a better performance should bring higher rewards to the table. To max out your mission earnings, consider engaging as many enemies as you come across and ticking off additional objectives that crop up. Quests, often linked to battles but sometimes standalone, also contribute to your Renown reserves.

You can also gain Renown by rebuilding the towns after liberating them. Everybody loves a hero.

What does higher Renown do?

A higher rank means a better score multiplier, leading to more generous mission rewards. Crucially, it enables the expansion of your units—from a starting point of three characters to a max of five—and at rank B, the option to promote characters to their advanced classes becomes available to you. While these upgrades require honors, the payoff is a formidable force capable of dominating the early stages of the game.

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