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January 25, 2024
How to get armor in Enshrouded

We all know how survival games work by now. If we have learned nothing useful playing these things all the time we know that once you arrive in these unknown lands you need to go hit stones and trees with your bare hands to get usable wood and resources obviosuly. Then you need to build a workbench, use the workbench to craft a basic weapon and tools, and then head out to get killed by Endermen, Cannibals, or whatever else lurks.

What’s missing? Armor that’s what. One of the earliest things you should try to add to your character in Enshrouded is armor. No matter how basic it is initially, it will increase the chances of surviving battles and reduce the amount of damage you are taking throughout.

But how do you get armor in Enshrouded? Hop on board.

How to craft armor in Enshrouded

Once it has become clear that Enshrouded follows the same path as pretty much every other survival game before it, we need to get some armor and quick. Starting the game you are dressed in rags, and rags don’t tend to deflect much. You can craft further rags yourself though for a little extra minimal protection.

One of the earliest quests in the game is to recruit the NPC Blacksmith to your camp. The Blacksmith needs metal scraps to work effectively and we have already covered where to get metal scraps from, so if you are unsure, read that page first.

Once you have the Blacksmith the Fur Armor Set becomes craftable for which you need 7 string, 7 torn cloth, 7 animal fur, and 5 metal scraps. Get him to make that for you.

After that, you can look for the items to get him to make you the Rising Fighting armor set.

Of course, while you are out and about searching you can find armor from drops after kills as well as from looting chests. You can find some decent armor from this tactic quite early on in the game if luck is on your side.

Featured Image: Keen Games

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