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November 24, 2023
How To Buy TG.Casino Token In 2023 – Beginners Guide

TG.Casino Token ($TGC) is a fully licensed Telegram-enabled casino that allows for anonymous, KYC-free gambling. It’s a globally accessible platform with ultra low barriers to entry – all that is required is a Telegram account and some crypto for instant deposits and withdrawals. 

The new campaign is redefining the way people play games online, as well as how rewards are distributed. The casino is already live and can be accessed right now, despite the fact that the presale is ongoing. Below, we will show you how to buy TG.Casino Token in 2023 in a step by step manner. 

TG.Casino Token Presale Key Points

Here are the key items that investors need to understand about the TG.Casino Token presale:

TG.Casino Token is a brand new fully licensed Telegram-enabled crypto casino. 
The current $TGC price is $0.165 and the presale has raised nearly $3 million out of its $5 million hard cap.
$TGC is a PoS Ethereum coin and is offering an APY above 200% APY at the present time. 
$TGC can also be used to earn a share of profits – 60% of the purchased tokens are shared among stakers.
The remaining 40% is sent to a burn address. 

How To Buy TG.Casino ($TGC) Tokens – Five-Step Beginner’s Guide

The five steps below outline how to purchase $TGC tokens. 

Step 1: Create a Web3 Crypto Wallet

The first step is to create a Web3 crypto wallet to connect to the presale page. 

While there are many options, we will stick with MetaMask for simplicity, as it is one of the most popular wallets and is accepted by practically all presales. The app is available on IOS, Android, or Desktop.

Just head to the official MetaMask website and download it to your operating system of choice. 

Step 2: Purchase USDT, BNB, or ETH

TG.Casino Token accepts BNB, ETH, or USDT. After you have purchased one of these accepted crypto tokens, you can swap them for $TGC. 

You can visit a leading exchange like Coinbase or Binance to purchase these tokens, and then send them to your MetaMask account. 

Alternatively, you can purchase these coins directly through MetaMask. Just keep in mind that as $TGC is an Ethereum token, you will need to keep some extra Ethereum to pay for gas fees. 

Step 3: Connect to the TG.Casino Token Presale Site

Next, you will need to connect to the TG.Casino Token presale page. 

This is another simple step – there is a “connect” button that leads you to a number of accepted Web3 wallets, including MetaMask. 

Just select your wallet of choice from the dropdown list. 

Step 4: Purchase $TGC

After your wallet has been connected, you are now set to purchase $TGC using the crypto you bought previously (ETH, USDT, or BNB). 

There is a minimum purchase of  100 coins.

Step 5: Stake And Claim $TGC Tokens

You now have the option to stake the tokens. This means that you will earn an APY (200% at present) that accrues instantly. 

You can also just buy the coins without staking. In both instances, coins can be claimed after the presale ends. 

What is TG.Casino Token?

TG.Casino Token is a revolutionary new idea to democratize the online casino industry. The online casino industry is worth about $263 billion while the crypto casino industry is worth a mere $250 million – less than 0.1%. 

Yet crypto casinos offer many benefits in comparison to legacy online casinos. In the case of TG.Casino Token, it provides a 200% APY (at present), a strong token buy back policy to reward holders, and a KYC free policy that allows anybody to start playing instantly, with no red tape. 

With its Telegram integration, access to casino games is easier than ever. And there can be no account holds, as players have ultimate control, withdrawing and depositing their crypto assets at will. 

It puts the power back in the hands of players, who are rewarded for their time spent at the casino. 

TG.Casino Token is fully licensed by the government of Curacao and has undergone a smart contract audit, with excellent results. 

A New Telegram-Powered Crypto Casino

This is one of the world’s first live and licensed Telegram-enabled crypto casinos. There is no KYC, meaning that players can simply deposit crypto and immediately start playing games through the dedicated app. Nothing like this is available with legacy casino providers. 

Deposits and withdrawals are instant and anonymous, with a Wallet Connect link that connects to other Web3 wallet providers. The crypto casino also offers 24/7 customer support. Leading games are available and the casino will soon have thousands of provably fair games including a comprehensive sportsbook as well as live tables. 

Withdrawals will be near-instant and come with zero fees. The minimum deposit is a mere $1, which is again much lower than most minimums associated with the legacy casino providers.

Newcomers can also avail of a generous welcome bonus of 200% up to 10 ETH. A 25% cashback is available to losing bets placed in the native token. 

Presale Started
21 September 2023

Purchase Methods


Hard Cap
$5 million

Min Investment
100 $TGC tokens

Max Investment

TG.Casino Token Staking Information

One of the biggest advantages of modern Web3 platforms is staking APY and burn mechanics. Staking directly rewards investors in the form of APY. It is a major incentive to add to overall ROI. 

Another benefit is token burning. This is a deflationary mechanism that serves to push up the price of remaining tokens. Burned tokens are sent to a dedicated address and taken out of circulation, promoting scarcity. 

TG.Casino Token will systematically take casino profits to purchase $TGC tokens and distribute tokens to those who are staking.

60% of purchased $TGC is redistributed to stakers as part of a profit-sharing initiative. 
40% of purchased $TGC is moved to a dedicated burn address to promote token scarcity. 

Token burning and PoS APY are two powerful investment incentives that feed into each other for maximum ROI. But yields do go down as the presale continues, so there is a benefit in early investment. 

TG.Casino Tokenomics & Presale

The current price per $TGC is $0.165. Of the 100 million tokens, 40 million (40%) are available in the presale. The overall market capitalization for the presale is $5 million, and it has already raised nearly $3 million of this amount. 

Of the remaining, 20% has been reserved for DEX liquidity and another 20% is for PoS APY rewards.

10% is set to be allocated for player rewards and a final 10% is divided between affiliates (5%) and the marketing budget (5%).

Why Buy TG.Casino Token During the Presale?

There are many reasons to buy $TGC during the presale, and this is a token that offers many incentives. 

We think that TG.Casino Token could be one of the best crypto presales to buy for the following reasons, many of them previously outlined:

Staking and Profit Sharing – Aside from a 200% APY, the casino uses a percentage of profits to rebuy and burn the token, driving up the coin price as much as possible. 
Accessibility – There are practically no barriers to entry with TG.Casino Token. There is no KYC and all that is required is a Telegram account and some crypto. There are no geo-restrictions. Crypto withdrawals and deposits are instant. 
Bonuses – There is a welcome bonus of 200% up to 10 ETH as well as a 25% cashback on losing wagers placed in $TGC. 
Market Concept – Crypto casinos stand poised to take market share from the legacy casino market, and TG.Casino Token is strategically positioned. 
Functionality – The casino is already live and ready to play, even though the presale is yet to finish. 

TG.Casino Token Price Prediction – What is $TGC’s Potential?

TG.Casino Token has strong potential to explode over the coming months and years due to its market concept. 

The crypto gambling market is trending massively in 2023 and TG.Casino Token is one of the first of its kind in terms of accessibility, marketing, and tokenomics. 

As previously referenced, the crypto casino industry is valued at about $250 million of a $260 billion industry, or less than 0.1% of the broader market.

This could change dramatically over the next few years with the crypto casino stake expected to expand significantly, taking a larger part of the pie. 

TG.Casino Token has positioned itself at the front of this expected growth with its creative adoption of Telegram, which enhances security and privacy for players. The token itself also has a lot of utility for players in the form of bonuses, staking, and burn mechanics. 

The coin retails at $0.165, but, according to most TG.Casino Token price predictions, it could improve dramatically within five years – a conservative prediction would see $TGC reaching 10x gains. 

Interested participants should join with the TG.Casino Telegram group for the latest alerts and updates. 

For a more comprehensive disclosure of what this new crypto casino provides, it’s best to examine the TG.Casino Whitepaper in detail.


TG.Casino Token is a new concept that utilizes the power of Telegram and crypto to provide an enhanced, decentralized experience for casino players. It offers unparalleled levels of accessibility where players are placed at the forefront. Withdrawals and deposits are instant and there are no geo-restrictions. 

The campaign offers strong APY, aggressive token burn mechanics, a 25% cashback for losing wagers in $TGC, and a 200% welcome bonus up to 10 ETH – all of which are very powerful incentives for both players and investors looking to maximize ROI. 



What is TG.Casino Token?

TG.Casino Token is a new format of online casino that rewards players through a number of incentives. It provides casino games through Telegram with a Zero KYC policy. 

How can I invest in TG.Casino Token?

Just follow the steps outlined above – purchase an accepted crypto, send it to your Web3 wallet, connect to the presale page, and make the purchase. Tokens can be claimed after presale completion. 

What is the market cap of $TGC?

The initial market cap for $TGC is $5 million. It has already nearly hit $3 million in its presale. 


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