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October 31, 2023
How Thryv Provides a SaaS Platform with the Tools Small Businesses Need to Succeed

Building a tech stack can be a daunting (and long-term) process for any size business. Paying for several applications, each of which is “necessary for success,” can strain a budget. Keeping those apps organized, understanding their value, and choosing the necessary version of each tool can easily overwhelm limited team resources, too.

Managing a tech stack for a smaller business is particularly challenging. The time and effort alone required to sort through all of the options and keep everything up-to-date drains resources.

Thryv equips small businesses with a solution to get over the burden of app management. If a small business struggles to manage its tech stack, Thryv’s comprehensive communication, CRM, and marketing software solutions unify and simplify processes, delivering the ideal tech stack.

The Struggle With Too Much Tech

Too much tech has been an issue for decades now. In the 2020s, though, the struggle has shifted from too much hardware to an oversaturation of software.

Statista reports that the average number of SaaS applications used by individual businesses worldwide is 130. BusinessWire puts the number at 254 total applications.

With either estimate, the sheer number of tech tools that every business, department and individual manages has become mind-numbing. And simply updating every app properly is a task in and of itself. Tracking efficiency, value and overall spend can feel impossible. This is what motivated the team at Thryv to create a solution that brings order to the tech chaos.

How Thryv Brings Order to the Technological Chaos

Thryv is an all-in-one small business software platform designed to support small businesses in ways that are hard to achieve without large enterprise resources. The software brand has a proven track record and deep experience in SaaS spend management.

Thryv more recently pivoted into the SaaS CRM space, filling a growing need for SMBs. The company has empowered over 55,000 customers to achieve success.

These organizations utilize Thryv to streamline communications, improve day-to-day management and improve brand awareness, setting the stage to scale their operations in the process.

Thryv offers three distinct product offerings:

Thryv Command Center
Thryv Business Center
Thryv Marketing Center

Together, this dynamic trio of tools are, in the words of the company, “impactful when used on their own, but unstoppable when used together.” Let’s take a closer look at each one and the benefits it offers a smaller brand.

The Command Center Unifies Communication

The sophisticated, streamlined software deftly brings the majority of a brand’s communication channels into a single inbox.

This centralized inbox provides an omnichannel experience for customers, meeting them where they are and allowing them to engage with a brand on their terms. At the same time, it provides a single, simple go-to spot for customer communication and an easy way to capture communication history with each client.

The Business Center Simplifies CRM

Thryv Business Center attacks one of the biggest issues small businesses face: excessive workloads. Small business team members wear a lot of hats, and they can easily drown in a sea of administrative minutia.

This software solution encapsulates several of the most important tasks, from managing client portals and CRMs to generating invoices, scheduling appointments, sending emails, and organizing files. Altogether, this turns the tech tool into a software assistant capable of saving small business teams as much as 18 hours of busywork per week.

The Marketing Center Amplifies Advertisements

21st century marketing is a challenge due to an overabundance of options. Small businesses often lack the resources to effectively take advantage of the plethora of marketing options available.

Thryv Marketing Center solves this issue by centralizing a small business’s marketing endeavors. It provides comprehensive campaign management, website and landing page templates, and AI-powered recommendations — once again, all in one single dashboard.

Add-ons and Industry Customizations

While Thryv’s central SaaS management software consists of its three-headed solution, the company is constantly innovating to improve and target its services.

One way is through analytics. Thryv’s software automatically analyzes internet referral traffic, feeding it into the larger software system to impact recommendations and improve marketing over time.

The SaaS offering also provides market-leading display, search, social, and print directory solutions. In addition, it can promote brands in front of consumers on its proprietary search sites, including,, and

Thryv has also created over 20 specific industry customizations. The brand also has a selection of 34 different small business niches to choose from to help potential customers target their software solutions as they shop. These span the gamut from retail services to dental practice software.

Thryv: A Tech Stack on a Platter

Thryv understands the challenge of running a small business. Its commitment to modern technology has allowed Thryv to create innovative and comprehensive SaaS management software offerings. From communication to marketing, business administration to niche industry needs, the company helps small businesses streamline their activity and deliver a lean, mean tech stack that helps brand growth.

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