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How does an e-bike work?

Are you thinking about buying an e-bike? Looking for tips to help you choose the best model? You can find the answers to your questions in our guide! You will also learn:

How does an e-bike work?
What are the models of e-bikes?
What is the difference between eco and turbo modes in an e-bike?

How does an e-bike work

Three elements differentiate an e-bike from its classic counterpart: it includes a battery, an electric motor, and an electronic controller for the operation of the power support. All these elements support pedalling, which is why we can ride for more kilometres and not feel as tired as when riding a regular bike.

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Importantly, under legal regulations, the maximum motor power in an e-bike is 250 W, while the voltage is 48V. The power support is limited to 25 km/h. However, this doesn’t mean that e-bike models and accessories dedicated to them do not differ. Discover the types of e-bikes and see which model fits you best!

What types of e-bikes are there

As is the case with classic bikes, there are also several types of e-bikes available on the market. They differ primarily in terms of construction and purpose (regarding the travelled distance and type of terrain).

MTB (electric mountain bikes) – include a specially shaped frame, and their motors are mounted in the central part of a bike. They are very well adapted to difficult and demanding routes. The specially shaped angle of the frame head allows you to overcome obstacles.

CROSS (cross country) – cross country bikes are designed for driving on off-road routes. They are also perfect for everyday use, so if you are looking for a bike that will take you to work during the week and can be used on demanding routes during the weekend – this is a model for you!

URBAN – these bikes combine the advantages of a classic urban bike with an e-bike. Perfect for travelling around the city, very comfortable, and thanks to the electric motor’s power support, it is possible to cover a longer distance without much fatigue.

ROAD – the advantage of electric road bikes is their weight: they are lighter than other types of e-bikes. However, in this case, the power support is not very noticeable. They are good on mountain roads.

FOLDED ELECTRIC BIKE – the perfect choice for all lovers of practical solutions. The bike is foldable, so it is possible to take it with you on further journeys. Keeping the bike in a small space will also not be a problem.

Eco and turbo modes of e-bikes

In turbo mode, the motor support allows riding the bike virtually effortlessly. Whereas, in eco mode, the power support is much weaker, but it allows to cover a longer distance. It is a good idea to drive “hybrid”, which means switching modes depending on your needs. For example, when climbing a hill, use the turbo mode to relieve the muscles. You’ll use up more battery power, but you won’t get tired. Use the eco mode for less demanding routes, it will provide subtle support for over 100 kilometres.

Advantages of e-bikes

The main advantage of an e-bike is its electric motor support. Thanks to this, the cyclist uses less energy to cover a given route. This solution will work both for mountain tours as well as when riding around the city. Less fatigue allows you to use an e-bike to travel to work – you do not have to worry about changing clothes after arrival!

Additionally, in a city, it is easier to park a bike than a car. You also avoid traffic and don’t waste time looking for a place to park. Moreover, you don’t have to depend on public transport – you save up money, time, and… your mental health.

We must also not forget the environmental aspect! By choosing an e-bike you contribute to reducing air pollution!

Who will benefit from an e-bike?

For several seasons now, e-bikes have been becoming more and more popular. Not surprisingly – it is a very good option for all fans of classic bike rides. The electric counterpart will work for city dwellers who can use it as a means of commuting to work. Thanks to the power support, the physical effort is reduced, cyclists avoid traffic jams, and by giving up car travel they benefit the planet.

E-bikes are also a good option for those who enjoy more extreme rides, choosing more difficult routes. Thanks to the support, we can handle difficult climbs and demanding routes, and yet not be completely exhausted. Importantly, you do not have to buy a new bike to take advantage of the motor support. You can turn your bike into an e-bike – all you need are a few extra elements.

A bike is always a good investment – it has a positive impact on your condition, health, and overall well-being. It saves money on fuel and time since you can avoid traffic jams. It is also a nod to ecology and stands for concern for the planet! So, are you going to switch to two wheels this season?

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