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Helldivers 2: Players will have to dodge fire tornadoes and meteors in new patch


Helldivers 2 players will have to combat the elements as well as the bugs plaguing the galaxy in a new balance patch.

Arrowhead Studios, the developer of the critically acclaimed co-operative shooter has been victim of their own success after a series of server issues hit the title early into its launch phase. Fans of the gun-toting title have been patiently waiting for more information and the Helldiver’s Devs have again come in clutch with another fix to the game.

Support incoming!
We have issued a patch for PC players (PS5 patch is coming soon) that introduces planetary hazards, balancing updates, and more!

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— HELLDIVERS 2 (@helldivers2) March 6, 2024

Helldivers patch notes highlights

Helldivers has been a resounding success for Arrowhead and Sony. So much so that the game became the Japanese console maker’s biggest-ever launch on Steam. The studio has also faced an early challenge with impersonators pretending to be the acclaimed title with copy-cat listings, as we reported earlier this month.

This new patch that will be incoming for PC gamers initially, with PlayStation set to follow, will add an additional elemental foe to contest with as the bullets fly.

The patch notes state that this major update sees “Planetary Hazards active. Many planets now have additional environmental challenges that will appear at random while you are deployed, from fire tornadoes to meteor showers and many more.”

The bulk of the patch takes on the process of balancing the game after a hectic launch period that no doubt gave Arrowhead a ton of collated data to process. With over 458,709 players at the game’s all-time peak according to Steambd, this is a lot of information to sift through.

Most games have a period of stabilization introduced in the form of patches that drop throughout the title’s lifecycle. This first one from Arrowhead brings changes to some of the missions and how they are completed.

One of the tweaks sees Eradicate Missions now being a longer process to conquer with the studio saying these mission types “now require more kills and enemies spawn more often. The time to complete the mission was previously shorter than intended and should now usually take twice as long to complete.”

Other changes announced in the patch take on the Primary, Secondary, & Support Weapons, stratagems, and the issues and fixes the studio has put into place.

The full notes of the recently announced patch are here, but we will be watching for incoming support from Arrowhead Studios as Helldivers 2 continues to thrive in its co-op chaos.

Image: Sony blog

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