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Headspace bring wellness app to Meta Quest 3


The guided meditation and mindfulness app, Headspace, has been launched on the Meta Quest platform today and is available to those with Meta Quest 2,3, and Pro.

Described as being a ‘playground for your mind,’ the wellness app has been adapted for Meta and it now incorporates both fully immersive VR and mixed reality experiences that are said to blend the physical and digital worlds.

In a release published on the Meta Quest blog today (Wednesday, March 6) the Headspace Vice President of Content Creation Sara Cohen explains more about what people can expect: 

“People can expect a fully immersive world that they can escape to, either alone or with friends, to really be able to check in with how they’re feeling, how their friends are feeling, and engage in experiences that are completely customized to meet them exactly in those feelings, exactly where they are in that moment.

“All the experiences are designed to help people feel more energized, to help them focus, to help them wind down or relax.”

The company was first announced to partner with Meta at the two-day virtual event Meta Connect which was held on September 27, 2023, in Menlo Park, California.

The relationship with VR company Nexus Studios was then brought on from an idea by Meta Platforms Inc as they wanted Headspace to push the idea further for the headset.

The five pillars of the Headspace app will continue through to the Meta Quest addition, with these being to meditate, move, eat, sleep, and play.

Upcoming additions to Meta Quest

Numerous apps coming to Meta Quest in the coming months. In March, users can download ‘Humanity’ and ‘Medieval Dynasty New Settlement.’

The likes of ‘Zero Caliber 2,’ ‘Zombie Army VR,’ ‘Taskmaster VR,’ and ‘Metro Awakening’ will be available later this year, alongside others.

As more apps and experiences are released, there’s hope this will continue to drive sales. The vision behind the Quest 3, Meta Reality Labs, had its highest-ever quarterly revenue in Q4 of last year. UploadVR states that Meta reported $1.07 billion in quarterly revenue for Reality Labs.

Featured Image: Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash

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