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December 5, 2023
GTA VI trailer reviewed – Everything we learned from the early release

GTA VI Trailer Day turned out to be a damp squib in the end. The trailer leaked, Rockstar was forced to release it officially a day early alongside a frustrated tweet and we all re-learned the internet is a different place than it was when GTA V was unveiled to much less fanfare a decade ago.

But putting aside the leaker’s desperation for likes we learned more from Trailer 1 than we might have expected. We got the logo, which is nice. When you think of how synonymous with gaming the GTA V logo has become, and the way the stylization has crossed into the mainstream, we can probably look into the future and see what’s ahead for this iteration.

The trailer itself is 90 seconds of fun and adrenaline where we get introduced to the star of the piece Lucia who is getting ready for release from jail. Within a minute we can see that she has not found the straight and narrow and is back robbing and stealing with a new partner in crime. We are then treated to a Hollywood montage of bar fights, car chases, and scenes of Miami hedonism while Lucia’s monologue plays over the top. Is it good? Yes, it’s great. A really good scene-setter that has increased the hype tenfold. It’s an excellent first trailer.

Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube:

— Rockstar Games (@RockstarGames) December 4, 2023

What is the song on the GTA VI trailer?

The soundtrack to the trailer is provided by Tom Petty’s ‘Love is a Long Road’ and fits nicely with the Bonnie & Clyde vibe we get in the storyline where we see the male and female protagonists robbing stores and living a life of crime. With so many views of the video already we would imagine there will be a boost to Petty’s estate (the rock star died in 2017) with a serious increase in royalties from both this and, music streams from people hearing the music for the first time.

What do we know about GTA VI then?

Well, the big one is the release date of Coming 2025 – putting to an end the dreams of anybody who thought it was going to be early next year. Rockstar also crowbarred an elephant into the room by skipping PC off the list of systems  – just Xbox and PlayStation got a mention. This is in line with previous GTA releases where PC versions had to wait for a year plus in some cases. Disappointing for those with monster gaming setups, but not totally surprising. The console wars will well and truly rage with this one as PlayStation will be desperate to stop any further Microsoft advances on its territory.

Even if the leaker managed to spoil the party somewhat, at the time of writing, the trailer has had 50 million YouTube views already within nine hours. It’s fair to say that the world is waiting for this one.

Images courtesy of Rockstar Games

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