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October 12, 2023
Google search integrates AI for image creation and draft content

Google has announced updates to its search technology, integrating AI capabilities that can generate images and draft content in response to user queries. Though Google has been offering a number of AI tools already, TechCrunch reports that these new image- and content-generating features are rolling out today.

A new era in search technology

According to details from Google’s Search Generative Experience, the company is using advanced AI models to provide more specific search results. This includes the ability to produce visual content for abstract concepts and draft brief content on particular topics.

The Imagen project, which generates images based on user search terms, is a significant part of this update. For example, if someone searches for “sunset over a futuristic city,” Imagen will attempt to produce a corresponding image, irrespective of its existence on the internet.

Furthermore, Google’s AI can now draft content. As per Google’s support page, this feature will be particularly useful for users seeking specific information or content ideas. Instead of sifting through multiple sources, users can get a summarized version of the information they’re looking for directly from the search engine.

Rollout and future implications

Initially, these features will be available to users in the U.S., India, and Japan, as mentioned in Google’s official blog post. The decision to launch in these markets underscores Google’s strategy to test and refine new tools in diverse markets.

The integration of AI in search technology is not just a technological advancement but a shift in how users will seek and consume information. As these tools become more refined, the line between search engines and content creators might blur, ushering in a new era of digital information consumption.

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