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October 30, 2023
Google pushes boundaries with 20 gigabit fiber trial

Google is pushing the boundaries of home internet speeds by beginning a trial of 20 gigabit-per-second internet service for a small number of residential Google Fiber customers.

According to TechSpot report, the search giant announced that starting later this year, it will invite select Google Fiber subscribers in unspecified locations to test the new 20 Gig service. Interested customers can sign up on the Google Fiber Labs website to check eligibility and request an invite. More details will be shared in the coming weeks as the program launches.

The consumer trial follows over a year of internal testing at Google and initial rollout to businesses, schools, and other institutions in Google Fiber cities, including Austin, Huntsville, and Salt Lake City. In 2021, the company first tested 20 Gig speeds at the Kansas City University of Missouri, enabling high-bandwidth applications like massive scientific data sets and virtual reality.

Google says the ultra-high speeds are made possible by Nokia’s 25G PON fiber optic technology, which pushes past the previous 10 Gigabit barrier. The company hopes to someday reach speeds up to 100 Gigabits and higher through the Google Fiber Labs innovation program.

Google will provide chosen trial participants for the 20 Gig service

To fully utilize the 20 Gig service, Google will provide chosen trial participants with its new custom-designed Wi-Fi 7 router. Wi-Fi 7 is the latest generation of Wi-Fi protocols still being finalized, but several companies have already released pre-standard hardware.

Google Fiber’s existing residential internet tiers top out at 8 Gigabits in parts of West Des Moines and 5 Gigabits in other regions. The company has slowly expanded its fiber footprint to parts of a dozen metro areas since launching Google Fiber in 2010.

The residential 20 Gig trial marks Google’s latest move in the race among internet providers to offer ever-faster gigabit and multi-gigabit speeds. As home bandwidth demands increase with 4K and 8K video, smart home devices, and more, companies are pushing fiber optic and cable network capabilities to the next level.

If the residential trial succeeds, Google Fiber users in more areas could eventually get access to 20 Gigabit speeds and beyond. For now, the ultra-high bandwidth remains confined to select trial participants as Google gathers data and works to refine the technology.

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