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December 15, 2023
Google Pixel 9 phone AI features release date and price

Google’s new Pixel 9 phone will be able to perform “complex and multimodal tasks,” such as giving directions to a nearby store to purchase a product that you captured using the camera on the smartphone.

Powered by Gemini Nano, the most advanced AI model from Google, the Pixel 9 will also benefit from Pixie, a new sophisticated AI assistant that will be exclusive to Pixel devices.

Pixie will take the capability of the tech giant’s flagship smartphone to another level and will work with native products such as Gmail and Maps to “evolve into a far more personalized version of the Google Assistant.”

As reported by The Information, this additional release is all part of an offensive from Google to keep in touch with OpenAI at the forefront of artificial intelligence development but that is a race with no finish line in sight.

When will Pixel 9 be released, and how much will it cost?

Following Gemini and Pixie, anticipation will be rising for Pixel 9 to see how far this handset goes and what other features are included.

There is no confirmed Pixel 9 release date so far, but based on recent years, October has been the month for the latest model in a trend reflected across the industry. There is nothing to suggest that it will change immediately, but we await further information as we move into 2024.

Regarding the new Google phone cost — a price increase is expected following the previous Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and the others.

Each model tended to have a price point increase of $100 per model so that we could be looking at $699 and $999 for the respective Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro handsets.

Tech Advisor has tipped the new phone to have a more prominent display while camera improvements were also discussed. At this stage, there is plenty of speculation, but the arrival of Pixie, running on Gemini Nano, which is specifically for mobile, is an attractive proposition.

Pixie for Pixel is running on Gemini Nano on mobile

On the flip side, Google has added another term and product to its growing list of offerings. Pixie for Pixel is running on Gemini Nano on mobile, which has different specifications from Gemini Ultra and Pro. Don’t forget Bard!

That list could prove to be a stumbling block when connecting with consumers when OpenAI appears to be maintaining a relatively simple structure.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon product page for Google Pixels Phones

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