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Google opens new cyberdefense hub in Japan


Google has established its very first Asia-Pacific cyberdefense hub in Tokyo, with rising concern about threats from China and others in the region.

On Thursday, the US-based company opened a new facility, which aims to promote research on countering cyberattacks and act as a base for training regional cyberdefense officials. Google plans to work closely with relevant government officials, companies and universities in Japan, reports Nikkei on March 7.

The announcement comes alongside the backdrop of rising concern about cybersecurity in the region, in particular with regard to China but encompassing unauthorized access to government and company networks from anywhere in the world. Japanese authorities have echoed Google’s concerns about the potential for cyberattacks.

Washington has previously openly warned that China represents “the broadest, most active, and persistent cyber espionage threat” to its government and private sector in an unclassified report shared to the public.

This facility, dubbed the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, will be the first of its kind in the region.

How will Google’s new cyberdefense facility work?

With the core goal of boosting cyberdefenses in the region, Google plans to invite engineers from India, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries to study how to combat cyberattacks. The tech company will reportedly not receive any compensation for the joint research.

The opening of the new facility comes somewhat full circle for the company, seeing as Google founded its first overseas location in Japan all the way back in 2001.

Writing in 2022 when the company announced plans to open its first Japanese data center in 2023, CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at length about Google’s desire to work with and invest in Japan and its innovation possibilities.

“Something that’s always inspired me on my visits to Japan is how people of all ages are using technology to improve their lives and help others,” he wrote. “Our goal is to ensure everyone benefits from the innovation happening in Japan.”

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