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December 13, 2023
Google offers enhanced Generative AI features for cloud customers

Google has announced a range of upgraded artificial intelligence features for its cloud-computing clients, with Gemini Pro for enterprises standing out as a flagship release.

As reported by Bloomberg, the tech giant is aiming to keep up with the pace of its rivals with the twin-pronged approach of Microsoft and OpenAI making big strides in the advancing field of AI.

Last week, Google launched Gemini with the claim that it was the first model to be able to outperform GPT-4 in many areas and now it has stepped up its offering with Gemini Pro for enterprises.

It will allow developers within the industry to build applications using the Gemini software already confirmed. Google Cloud clients will be able to benefit from using AI-led chatbots to create apps as well as listing resourceful inventory databases.

The report indicated that Gemini Pro will be free, initially, for Cloud clients, but that would not include access to its full functionality. Instead, Google has indicated that the Cloud AI offering will be “competitively priced”‘

It’s time to #BuildWithGemini.
Gemini Pro is now available for @GoogleCloud customers in Vertex AI, as well as to developers in AI Studio. Learn more ↓ #GeminiAI

— Google (@Google) December 13, 2023

Google lagging behind

With its recent launch, Google placed Gemini as “the next step of our journey” into AI and boasted its “state-of-the-art capabilities”.

It was also an attempt to prise eyes and attention away from OpenAI’s ChatGPT or conversely, to go head-to-head with them. If that happens, they will be getting closer to where they want to be, but for now, the products need to perform and resonate with consumers, including Cloud clients.

Gemini comes in three sizes, Ultra, Pro, and Nano, with the latter starting to be rolled out.

It is designed to work on handsets bringing access to many people and with tailored versions such as Gemini Pro for Bard, the Google chatbot and contender to Chat GPT, it is striving to lead from the front and not to lose any further ground to OpenAI, whether in perception or reality.

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