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November 22, 2023
Google Meet introduces gesture recognition for hand raising in virtual meetings

Google has announced an update to Google Meet, making virtual meetings more interactive and accessible with the introduction of gesture detection for hand raising. This new feature allows users to simply raise their hand physically, and Google Meet will recognize and replicate the action in the meeting. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for students, teachers, and professionals who rely on Google Meet for collaboration and learning.

To activate this feature, users need to ensure their camera is on and their hand is visible. The gesture detection is designed to avoid accidental activation; it won’t work if you’re the active speaker. To enable gesture detection, navigate to More Options > Reactions > Hand Raise Gesture in the Google Meet interface.

Benefits of hand raising in virtual meetings

The hand-raising feature in virtual meetings is a critical tool for enhancing participation and maintaining focus. It allows attendees to indicate their desire to speak without interrupting the ongoing conversation, ensuring a more organized and inclusive meeting environment. Gesture detection may be particularly useful in educational settings, where it can facilitate a more engaging and orderly discussion.

One of the most significant advantages of gesture detection technology is its potential to improve accessibility. This feature especially benefits individuals with disabilities who may find it challenging to use a mouse or keyboard. By enabling a natural hand-raising gesture, Google Meet can offer a more intuitive and inclusive meeting experience for all users.

Availability of the new feature

Google released the feature to Rapid Release domains yesterday and will be available to Scheduled Release domains from Nov. 28, 2023. Moreover, this feature is accessible to various Google Workspace tiers, including Business Plus, Business Standard, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers, and Google Workspace Individual subscribers.

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