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December 6, 2023
Google Chrome to launch ‘Help me write’ AI feature

Google is set to update the Chrome browsing experience on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms with the introduction of its AI-powered “Help me write” feature. According to 9to5Google, this innovative tool, already a staple in Google’s array of applications like Messages, Gmail, Docs, and Keep, aims to simplify the writing process by generating text based on user prompts.

The “Help me write” feature will be integrated into Chrome’s user interface, appearing in the browser’s autofill popup and accessible via the right-click menu. This AI-driven tool is designed to analyze the content of the webpage, providing contextually relevant suggestions based on the user’s input. Whether drafting a review or summarizing thoughts, the AI leverages both the page content and user interactions to craft appropriate responses.

Google’s approach to AI writing in Chrome includes options for users to tailor the AI’s output. The feature allows adjustments for text length and style, offering “Shorten” or “Elaborate” commands, as well as toggles between “Casual” or “Formal” tones. While these customization options are somewhat limited compared to those in Google Docs or Messages, they offer users a level of control over the AI’s writing style.

Development and availability of “Help me write”

Currently in development, the “Help me write” feature for Chrome is accessible through two experimental flags in the chrome://flags section. However, its wider release is pending additional development, with Chrome 122, expected in February 2024, being the earliest potential launch date.

Notably, this browser-based version of “Help me write” will not initially be available on Chromebooks. Google has previously announced a system-wide version of this AI tool, exclusive to Chromebook Plus models. Users of standard Chromebooks may gain access to this in-browser AI writing tool once Google implements a method to differentiate between Plus and non-Plus devices.

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