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December 13, 2023
Gaming giants announce their 2023 retrospectives for players

Gaming giants announce their 2023 retrospectives for players

As 2023 draws to a close, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft look back at this year’s most significant gaming milestones for console gamers.

The year in review has been busy for the gaming industry, with notable highlights including the hotly anticipated announcement of GTA VI. Sparking betting rumors for the sixth installment of the Rockstar Games franchise.

These tailored journeys for gamers, however, are a more individual look at the game usage, hours played, and the titles gamers spent their 2023 enjoying.

Focus on personalized gaming reports

This year in review for each major gaming console creates an easy-to-digest, personalized review of 2023.

Concise graphics similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” offer a retrospective of the worlds, games, and paths trodden by gamers across the year.


Nintendo announced their look back for gamers across the company’s social accounts.

Look back at all the fun you had with #NintendoSwitch games in 2023 with a personalized wrap-up! You can see what you played most, choose your favorite game of the year, and share your stats with friends.

See your #NintendoSwitch2023 Year in Review here:

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 13, 2023

Nintendo has had a historic 2023 with the announcement of the long-time voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, stepping down from the role to become a company ambassador.

This news came in the same year as The Super Mario Bros. Movie smashed box office records to become the biggest video game movie of all time with $1.3 billion worldwide: Eclipsing Detective Pikachu ($450 million) and Warcraft ($440 million).

Rumors also abounded throughout the year about a potential successor to the Nintendo Switch being announced in 2024.


Playstation had a solid year in retrospect, with Spiderman 2 and Final Fantasy XVI being two of the largest successes of the console’s 2023.

Your PlayStation 2023 Wrap-Up is ready

Discover your gaming habits from the past year:

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) December 12, 2023

Sony’s console has seen several marquee titles succeed, and the company registered a new patent for multi-modal virtual buttons.

A new PS5 console and a portable rival to the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation Portal, were announced.


Microsoft released its 2023 review, looking back at the Xbox Community statistics. With over 36,000 games played, 4.5 billion individual achievements unlocked, and a total gaming score of 91 billion.

Crunching the numbers on the incredible year in gaming that was 2023

Find out your numbers with your #XboxYearInReview:

— Xbox (@Xbox) December 12, 2023

Microsoft’s 2023 was busy with their $68.7 billion takeover of Blizzard Activision, making them the biggest console giant ahead of Sony’s Playstation for the first time.

Image credit: Artem Podrez; Pexels.

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