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Five reasons why pharma should use a vacancy management service


Vacancy management is just one of the many talent services we offer our pharma, medtech and biotech clients. Our leading solution allows you to maintain customer engagement and promotional focus when a flexible solution is required.

Looking for more information? Here are five reasons why pharma companies looking for flexibility of resource should choose the Star People vacancy management service:

1. Industry expertise: Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the pharma sector, including regulations, latest trends, and skill sets required for various roles. This expertise ensures we can identify and attract top talent that align your specific needs.

2. Specialised talent pool: We have access to an extensive candidate database to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on talent to fulfil your shorter-term requirements.

Our established networks and vast pool of qualified candidates with relevant experience and industry skills mean we significantly streamline the hiring process for our clients, providing access to talent that may not be easily accessible through other recruitment channels.

3. Compliance and regulatory knowledge: Pharma is heavily regulated, and our consultants specialised in this sector understand the compliance requirements, regulatory guidelines, and necessary certifications or licenses for different roles. They ensure that candidates meet the necessary qualifications, reducing potential risks and legal issues.

4. Confidentiality and discretion: Pharma companies often need to fill sensitive positions or handle confidential hiring processes. After 20+ years in the industry, it goes without saying that we are well-versed in maintaining strict confidentiality and discretion, protecting your intellectual property and sensitive information during the recruitment process.

5. Efficient and cost-effective hiring: As we’ve mentioned, vacancy management services can streamline your hiring process, reducing the time and resources required to identify, screen, and hire qualified candidates.

This can then lead to cost savings and increased efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core business operations while minimising the recruitment burden.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of industry-specific recruiters like Star People, you can gain access to top talent, ensure compliance, maintain confidentiality, and optimise your hiring processes, ultimately contributing to your success and competitiveness in an industry which is highly regulated.

Whether you are seeking a short or long-term solution, whether it’s for maternity or sickness cover, or you need a team to facilitate an upcoming product launch, we take the recruitment pain away.

Our Employers page has more information on both our outsourced and strategic headcount services


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