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Fallout x Fortnite: Release date, skins, leaks, event details, and more


Fallout has been the hottest talking topic of not only gamers but most of the world since the Prime Video adaptation hit the streaming service in April. Since then, all of the franchise’s games have seen a huge resurgence and now, there’s a huge collab with one of the most popular games of all time – Fortnite.

Yes, that’s right, Fallout x Fortnite is on the horizon and here we’ll be revealing all we know on the crossover including the release date, any leaks, all important info on skins, and more. Read on to get clued up on Fortnite’s take on the infamous wasteland.

Fallout x Fortnite release date

The Fortnite Fallout collab will arrive on Friday May 24th alongside the highly anticipated Chapter 5 Season 3. This Season is called Wrecked and comes after a huge sandstorm is set to make the map a fully-fledged wasteland.

While Fortnite x Fallout is expected to be the main meal, there are also other new additions such as additional Marvel skins, and other appropriately themed designs, alongside a whole new set of POIs.

Fallout x Fortnite skins and leaks

Technically, at this moment, there are no officially confirmed Fallout x Fortnite skins but thanks to the reveal image alongside some leaks, we can make some pretty educated guesses.

Right off the bat, in the first collab image from Fortnite themselves, Power Armor from the franchise is front and center. This means that it’s almost nailed on that there will be a Power Armor skin in some form, allowing you to become one with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Whether this will have additional in-game effects is yet to be seen but let’s face it, it’ll look incredibly cool as is.

As for any other skins, since this crossover has come after the show’s release, we could see the likes of Lucy or The Ghoul appear in video game form. If neither of these comes to fruition, there has to be a Vault jumpsuit skin in some form or it’ll be a complete injustice. With Lucy’s backpack already available in physical form, we could also see back bling of this ilk make it into the game.

Fallout x Fortnite live event details

The live event for the next season has technically already begun on May 13 when the Mount Olympus statue started glowing with electricity. After this, subsequent changes occurred with Pandora’s Box eventually seemingly released a bunch of energy causing a sandstorm to begin.

This sandstorm is what will overcome the island, changing the POIs and more come Chapter 5 Season 3’s release on May 24. As for what the culmination of this will be is all up in the air but the outcome will be very wasteland-based.

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