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December 13, 2023
Epic to give away 17 free games in annual holiday event – starting today

Each year the Epic Games Store gives away a free game a day each day until the New Year. This year the event has just started and it seems it may be running a little differently, at least initially. We have Destiny 2 Legacy Collection which has just gone live, but game two will not be unveiled until 19th December. Things will then speed up we think, with a game a day until the 4th of January.

It is unusual for the Epic Game Store to include the week before’s game in the promotion, but it also coincides with the Holiday Sale that has also started today and will run until 10th January.

What games are in the 2023 Epic giveaway?

The internet goes wild each year trying to work out what games will be coming next. Epic generally gives vague clues with its screenshots for the following title, and that, combined with leakers, means we can generally get a decent indication of what might be coming next.

The giveaway generally includes high-profile titles along with indie offerings and builds to a crescendo as the days go by

We will be updating this page as the games arrive with what is coming, what we know is coming, and what is confirmed.

Epic Games 2023 free games leak

The event has just dropped and as yet the leakers have not been forthcoming with any news. We will be updating the section as the predictions inevitably come through so keep an eye on this page in the coming days to keep updated with what we know so far.

Confirmed free games in 2023 Epic giveaway

December 13th – Destiny 2 Legacy Collection
December 19th – 

When is the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale?

The sale has just begun and will run until 10th January. You can claim a coupon for 33% off titles, and every time you complete an eligible transaction, you will receive a new coupon in its place. As well as the Epic Holiday Sale, the other prominent digital storefront Steam runs its own event, and you can see what to expect from that sale here.

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