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December 15, 2023
Electronic Arts posts mind-boggling FC Mobile stats for the year

Like most entertainment companies have been doing this week, including Google, Xbox, and PlayStation, Electronic Arts is the latest to get on board with a retrospective of 2023, showcasing the impressive numbers achieved in some of its main titles.

Looking at the new brand for this year that replaced the FIFA series, EA FC 24, Electronic Arts has revealed stats showing that the mobile version of the game has seen an astonishing 45.1 billion games played, with 103.5 billion goals scored.

Football legend Pele is the most selected player and there are players from over 200 nations playing the game.

FC Mobile’s big sibling on the other hand, EAFC 24, is boasting a further 1.7 billion total cross-play matches and 772 million women’s player items featuring in the starting XI of Ultimate Team matches – women’s football was brought to Ultimate Team for the first time in this latest iteration of the game.

The top goalscorers across all of those games were Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr with the most popular matchups being Paris Saint-Germain vs Real Madrid in the men’s game and Arsenal vs Chelsea in the women’s game.

Meanwhile, the Madden franchise saw 1.9 billion games played with the Chiefs vs Eagles, 49ers vs Eagles, and Cowboys vs Eagles the most popular matchups.

And finally, away from sports to The Sims, which went free to play towards the end of the year. The life sim had 1.8 billion hours played globally with the creation of 568 million Sims and the tragic passing of 23 million Sims who will all be remembered fondly. This was offset by a further 43 million Sim babies being born, alongside, weirdly, 4.7 million horses.

And if you were wondering what the top recipes in the game are – and who wouldn’t be, it was Eggs and Toast, Mac & Cheese, and the old favorite, the Ham and Cheese sandwich. Nothing too exotic for our sim friends.

Featured image: EA Sports

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