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October 21, 2023
Digital Euro launch promotes financial stability

The European Central Bank (ECB) has declared the initiation of a two-year “preparatory stage” for introducing a digital euro that will allow people who share the same currency in 20 countries to make digital transactions securely and for free. The preparatory stage will begin on November 1.

The ECB aims to establish regulations, select collaborators, and conduct trials for the new digital currency throughout this timeframe. The digital euro will function similarly to an internet-based wallet or banking account, providing enhanced security since it will be backed by the ECB instead of a private entity. This development comes as a response to the growing digitization of transactions and evolving payment models that are changing the financial landscape. By implementing a digital euro, the ECB aims to ensure that consumers can access a reliable, stable, and secure digital currency, thus fostering financial stability and innovation in the European Union.

Concerns about digital currency

Banking professionals and regulators have expressed apprehensions that a digital currency may enable a run on commercial banks in times of crisis while offering only minor improvements over existing accounts. These concerns stem from the idea that during economic turbulence, people may rapidly withdraw their funds from commercial banks to convert them into digital currency, exacerbating liquidity problems for these institutions. Proponents of digital currency argue that it provides enhanced security and accessibility, potentially revolutionizing the financial landscape by lowering transaction costs and fostering financial inclusion.

The digital currency is expected to generate a challenge in the payments industry, which U.S. credit card firms presently control. This disruption could potentially pave the way for alternative companies to gain a foothold in the market, encouraging innovation and offering more diverse options for consumers. In addition, it could challenge the existing power dynamics and drive some of the current key players to re-evaluate their strategies and services.

Exclusivity for Eurozone inhabitants and European citizens abroad

Making the digital euro available exclusively to inhabitants of the eurozone and European citizens living overseas aims to promote a sense of financial security and trust among members of the Eurozone as they navigate the economic landscape. By focusing on European citizens at home and abroad, the service provider ensures that its target audience receives tailored support and assistance, fostering a sense of unity and trust within the community as it embarks on this new and exciting venture.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Ono Kosuki; Pexels; Thank you!

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