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Dewpoint Therapeutics forms strategic partnership with Evotec to accelerate oncology pipeline

Evotec and Dewpoint Therapeutics have announced a strategic R&D collaboration to advance Dewpoint’s oncology pipeline programs of condensate modifying therapeutics (c-mods) to Investigational New Drug Applications (INDs) using Evotec’s fully integrated data-driven platform (INDiGO).

The partnership brings together Dewpoint’s advanced oncology pipeline programs discovered using its condensate biology and AI technology platform for identifying modulators of biomolecular condensates with Evotec’s capabilities to de-risk and accelerate pre-clinical development candidates (PDCs) to first-in-human (FIH) clinical studies.

Under the collaboration, Evotec will facilitate the rapid development of Dewpoint’s oncology assets using Evotec’s fully integrated clinical-enabling INDiGO platform to de-risk and accelerate the path to clinical testing. The partnership also enables Dewpoint to maximize capital efficiency while reducing risk. The agreement is based on a risk-sharing arrangement followed by milestone and royalty payments to Evotec based on the success of the overall programs.

Dr. Matthias Evers, Chief Business Officer of Evotec, said: “We are excited to enter this strategic development partnership with Dewpoint. Their innovative approach is based on a holistic understanding, which can significantly expand the target space across indications.

“By combining our complementary expertise, Evotec’s development platform will serve as the capital-efficient IND engine for this highly collaborative partnership. We look forward to working closely together with their team to make Dewpoint’s groundbreaking innovations available to patients.”

Ameet Nathwani, M.D., CEO at Dewpoint, said: “Dewpoint’s strategic partnership with Evotec leverages the world-class speed of their development platform to accelerate our oncology assets into the clinic. Evotec’s integrated state-of-the-art operational technologies have been proven to deliver high quality INDs across the industry.

“A strategic relationship of this nature significantly enhances our development capabilities which can be transformative for a company at our stage of development, and we are delighted to have been able to forge this partnership with a leader like Evotec.”


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