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September 18, 2023
Dewpoint Therapeutics and Chemify to accelerate discovery of molecules targeting cancer and neurodegeneration

Dewpoint Therapeutics and Chemify have partnered to develop a suite of digitally discovered and automatically synthesized novel molecules on Chemify’s programmable chemistry platform against condensate targets of interest in Dewpoint’s oncology and neurodegeneration pipeline.

The partnership brings together Chemify’s chemistry AI and automation technology platform, capable of designing, discovering and making complex molecules on demand using a chemical programming language, with Dewpoint’s condensate biology and AI technology platform. Chemify, who recently announced raising $43m of funding, has developed an automated design, discovery and synthesis platform, which will be employed to amplify and accelerate Dewpoint’s ongoing chemistry efforts.

Under the partnership, Chemify will design and deliver novel compounds to augment Dewpoint’s advanced oncology and neurodegeneration pipeline. Dewpoint may choose to exercise an option to acquire the compounds designed by Chemify. In exchange, Chemify will receive pre-negotiated, success-driven payments and tiered royalties, based on clinical and regulatory milestones.

“Dewpoint’s partnership with Chemify offers an innovative pathway to take our novel chemical matter already in optimization and bootstrap Chemify’s novel chemical space exploration tool suite using state-of-the-art digital chemistry AI-powered concepts. This is a new frontier for drug discovery and we’re delighted to partner with Chemify who is at the cutting-edge of this approach,” said Ameet Nathwani, M.D., CEO at Dewpoint.

“We are extremely excited by this partnership which combines Chemify’s technology for molecular design, discovery and synthesis with Dewpoint’s condensate biology approach to produce a seamless drug discovery and design platform. It is truly inspiring to be using the Chemify technology I have been building for 15 years to change and improve the lives of patients,” said Professor Lee Cronin, Chemify’s CEO and Regius Professor of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow.


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