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Could Hogwarts Legacy 2 actually be already under development?


Hogwarts Legacy was the biggest-selling game in the world in 2023. So let’s get one thing straight, it will be getting a sequel. Shareholders do not sit on that kind of success story without trying to eke out as much cash from the cow as possibly.

The upside for gamers? Hogwarts Legacy was a great game. Was it the best game ever? No. Was it the best Harry Potter game ever and a lot of fun to play? Absolutely.

Even though Harry Potter is saddled these days with the controversy around JK Rowling and her views on transgender, the wider gaming public lapped up Harry Potter in the millions.

So yeah, we are getting a sequel it is just a case of when. We already know that there is zero DLC coming for Hogwarts, the best PC players are getting is the previously PlayStation-exclusive content Haunted Hogsmeade being added to the base game, so have the devs at Avalanche merely been squashing bugs and working on things such as the Switch version in the meantime? Possibly not.

A new job ad spotted by the folks at Tech4Gamers is looking for a Senior Character Artist with experience in not only Unreal Engine 4 but 5 as well, leading to thoughts that any sequel could be set to be produced in the awesome-looking UE5. Fortunately, with the state the industry is in, it should be pretty easy to recruit one. Or a 100.

The only mention of a game is Hogwarts Legacy but this still proves nothing, devs these days can often work on multiple projects, especially artists, but all the ducks seem to be getting in a row and suggesting that Warner Brothers Discovery and Avalanche may be making preliminary moves towards a follow-up.

Of course, knowing how long Hogwarts Legacy took to reach the shelves we are likely looking at a timeline of years for a blockbuster follow-up – and we are still waiting on the Quidditch spin-off game we were promised when it was absent from Hogwarts, but our Spidey senses are tingling on this one, but just don’t hold your breath.

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