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January 9, 2024
Could a fix finally be coming for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox?

Since its launch on Xbox, Baldur’s Gate 3 has been plagued by an issue where player’s save games were being deleted, potentially erasing days of progress. Multiple updates and theories did not resolve the problem, and Larian Studios is currently advising users to use a workaround to save their progress on the cloud.

The problem is not one with the game, but a firmware issue on the Xbox itself, which severely limits Larian’s ability to resolve the issue themselves. “The game thinks the save was successful but due to a firmware issue, the save file is not fully committed to disk yet,” they said.

However, in a post on Twitter/X, the CEO of Larian Swen Vincke today (Jan 9) stated that Microsoft has identified the issue and has begun to work on a fix.

Sizeable hotfix to kick off the new year. Also got good news from Xbox- they found the firmware issue that could cause save games to go missing and a fix is incoming.

In the end, all will be well.

— Swen Vincke @where? (@LarAtLarian) January 9, 2024

In replies to the post, most fans were pleased with this news, though there were some people who weren’t happy, with several saying that it’s too little too late, and they have refunded the game due to their frustration.

Larian is also working to fix an error on the PlayStation

Some PlayStation fans are suffering from another bug affecting saving. Error 544 is stopping players from saving the game the further they are into it. This error also prevents saving on other save files or new characters on the same system. This is a longstanding issue that players have been complaining about since March last year.

It is thought that this issue is related to the size of save files and some players had success resolving the issue by deleting old save files, but others were left completely unable to save their games.

In a reply to a user on X, Vincke said that they are working on a solution for this issue and it should be launching next week.

We hope to have a solution for that by next week.

— Swen Vincke @where? (@LarAtLarian) January 9, 2024

Featured image credit: Larian Studios

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