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Codexis and Aldevron Enter Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Codex HiCap RNA Polymerase

Codexis, Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement with Aldevron, a global leader in the custom development and manufacture of plasmid DNA, RNA and proteins for the biotech industry, whereby Aldevron will acquire a global exclusive license to Codexis’ Codex HiCap RNA Polymerase. Under the terms of the deal, Aldevron will receive global manufacturing and commercialization rights to the Codex HiCap RNA Polymerase and Codexis will receive payments for near-term technical milestones, along with commercial milestones and sales-based royalties. Codexis and Aldevron will work together to ensure a smooth changeover for customers during a transitional period.

“We’re excited to partner with Aldevron, a market-leading mRNA manufacturer, to increase our commercial penetration with a path to a GMP-grade version of our Codex HiCap RNA Polymerase. This should enable the efficient manufacture of more mRNA-based therapeutics, potentially impacting millions of patients,” said Kevin Norrett, MBA, Chief Operating Officer of Codexis. “The execution of this deal demonstrates our ability to create value from game-changing enzymes in our portfolio by getting them into the hands of the right collaborators, and we look forward to building a long-term partnership with Aldevron and the broader Danaher family of companies.”

“Aldevron has long been a provider of research to cGMP proteins, mRNA and pDNA to enable vaccine development, and cell and gene therapy. We are thrilled with the opportunity to exclusively license this differentiating Codex HiCap RNA Polymerase which demonstrates Aldevron’s commitment to mRNA as a therapeutic modality,” said Tom Foti, GM of Aldevron’s Protein Business Unit. “The T7 RNA Polymerase is the critical enzyme in the manufacturing process, making it a vital asset in support of our mRNA manufacturing service offering. This license is a strategic investment in Aldevron’s continued development our of mRNA ecosystem, ultimately benefiting our clients and the patients they serve.”

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