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Classic EA games coming to Steam


For such a long time some of the most famous games from the 90s and early 2000s have been unavailable on the world’s largest game store, Steam. Electronic Arts was the publisher behind all of them and to get them, you needed to have EA App/Origin installed, a separate storefront with more data shared, more card details stored, and more hassle to just pick up and play – not helped either by the fact the EA storefront is not the most user-friendly storefront in town.

Now, for reasons known only to men in big wigs who sit around board tables, over 20 classic EA titles have appeared on Steam so you can add them to your library with the other games you love.

Absolute classics like the Command & Conquer franchise and Dungeon Keeper – we love Dungeon Keeper are there – even the daddy of the God sim, Populous and Populous 2 are there (side note, I reviewed Populous 2 originally back in the day for the Atari ST. Never say I don’t know my stuff!)

Whatever the reason these games have suddenly appeared, we should rejoice and encourage EA that choice is the way forward by picking one or two of them up and adding them to our Steam libraries as things like Dungeon Keeper 2 are only $2 at the moment

List of classic EA games you can now find on Steam

This is like a rockstar Hall of Fame for some of the great games of yesteryear. Here are all 24 titles.

Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack by Sid Meier
Command & Conquer Series
Tiberium Wars
C&C 3 Tiberium Wars – Kane’s Wrath
C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight
Generals – Zero Hour
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Series
Red Alert – Counterstrike
Red Alert – The Aftermath
Red Alert 2
Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge
Red Alert 3
Red Alert 3 – Uprising
Tiberian Sun
Tiberian Sun – Firestorm
Dungeon Keeper 2
Dungeon Keeper Gold
Populous Series
Populous 2: Trials of the Olympic Gods
Populous: The Beginning
SimCity 3000 Unlimited
The Saboteur

If there’s not at least one game on this list you have played you have no gaming soul! Correct that immediately.

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