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Chiesi announces new General Manager for 2024

Chiesi has announced the appointment of Ralph Blom as the General Manager for Chiesi Limited (covering the UK and Ireland), beginning January 2024. Ralph will succeed Tom Delahoyde, who will retire at the end of December 2023. David Garzón Lafuente will also join as the Rare Disease Business Unit Lead in January 2024.

Ralph Blom has held senior positions at Chiesi Group for over 12 years, joining Chiesi Netherlands in 2011 as Special Care Sales & Marketing Manager, and later advancing to Respiratory Business Unit Manager. In 2016, he was appointed General Manager of Chiesi Netherlands. He is currently serving as the General Manager of Chiesi Benelux, a position he has held since 2022 and in which he has maintained substantial business growth. Tom Delahoyde has played a significant role in establishing and leading the UK and Ireland company, beginning his Chiesi career when he transitioned from Trinity Pharmaceuticals when it was acquired by Chiesi Group in 1999. He was appointed as Managing Director and, under his leadership, the UK and Ireland arm of the Chiesi Group has achieved significant success, establishing Chiesi as a market leader in Respiratory and Neonatology in the UK.

Ralph Blom, (incoming) Managing Director of Chiesi Limited (UK and Ireland) said: “It’s an honour to step into Tom’s shoes, who has built such a strong foundation, and I am very excited to continue building upon this, prioritising patient care, driving our sustainability agenda and fostering a culture of excellence. We have a clear vision: be the point of reference for all stakeholders in the therapeutic areas we are active in, the company to turn to when you want to get things done. Together with our exceptional team, we will continue to deliver high-quality therapeutic solutions and uphold the values that define Chiesi.”

David Garzón Lafuente has over 19 years’ experience in the pharma industry, previously holding senior positions within the Chiesi group including Business Unit Head of Rare Diseases for Chiesi Spain and Portugal. In 2022, he moved on to become General Manager at Amryt Pharma Iberia and Israel, and, following the Chiesi acquisition of Amryt earlier this year, will rejoin Chiesi as Rare Disease Business Unit Lead covering the UK and Ireland, effective from January 2024.

Tom Delahoyde, Managing Director of Chiesi Limited (UK and Ireland) said: “I am immensely grateful for the journey I’ve had with Chiesi. Over the past 30 years, it has been a great honour to work alongside such a talented and dedicated team and to witness the positive impact we’ve made in improving patients’ lives. As I transition into retirement, I am confident that I leave the business in capable hands and wish everyone continued success.”

David Garzón Lafuente, Rare Disease Business Unit Lead of Chiesi Limited (UK and Ireland) said: “I am passionate about making an impact on patients’ lives and excited to be back at Chiesi, now in the UK and Ireland where I will continue to focus on developing and implementing impactful initiatives with the team. My goal will be to ensure that we face challenges with determination and innovation with the ultimate aim of changing the lives of people with rare, debilitating conditions.”


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