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December 7, 2023
Chevy’s Bolt EV is making a comeback in 2025

America’s cheapest EV will be making a bold return in 2025, with the next generation of the car confirmed to be on its way.

One of the main criticisms leveled at electric vehicles is that they’re still too weighted towards the lux market and unaffordable for the average person. Chevrolet’s Bolt entered the market at a $26,500 starting price, with some fluctuations depending on exact specifications.

It was initially reported that both the EV and the EUV models of the Bolt would be discontinued in April. However, Chevy later reversed that decision, promising instead to make a next-gen Bolt that would use GM’s Ultium platform instead.

Now, in remarks made during GM CEO Mary Barra’s address at an Automotive Press Association event, as reported by Inverse, it’s confirmed that the Bolt will return, new and improved, in 2025.

Chevy’s Bolt EV, second generation

Not much else is known about the next-gen version of the Bolt, including whether it will be as affordable as the first iteration.

We know that the next-gen Bolt should use the Ultium platform, which features lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries. Because LFP batteries are easier to produce, this likely means that the cost savings will trickle down to the customer if all goes smoothly.

However, LFP batteries generally don’t perform as well as nickel manganese cobalt batteries do in cold weather. On the plus side, they can survive being charged up to 100% more frequently, meaning the lifetime of the next-gen Bolt (or at least its battery) might be longer – so long as you don’t live anywhere too cold.

In terms of mileage, considering the 2023 Bolt EV achieved an EPA-estimated 259 miles, anything close to or even exceeding that would be a welcome addition to the EV market. As a next-gen model, it’s not too much to hope for an improved range to take the Bolt to the next level.

Featured image: Chevy

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