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Capcom announces salary increase for graduates and existing staff


Japanese gaming giant Capcom has announced that those hopeful of joining the company via the graduate route will level up in salary.

The news has been released by the company in their ambitions to keep “pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent.”

This graduate salary increase equates to a 28% jump in base pay from ¥235,000 ($1,752) per month to ¥300,000 ($2,006) from the start of the company’s 2025 fiscal year.

Capcom salary increases

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President and COO of Capcom would also state the company “will provide its current employees (including new employees that join in fiscal year 2024) with a one-time special payment as an investment in the people who support the future of the company. Further, Capcom plans to raise salaries over 5% on average in fiscal year 2024.”

The statement from the publisher of titles such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and the upcoming Dragon’s Dogma 2, would conclude that “Capcom will work to address the issues facing our society while aiming to improve its corporate value and establishing a relationship of trust with employees and stakeholders.”

This is the first forward-thinking approach from a games company in some time, as we have reported for the past three months that layoff announcements are becoming as frequent as new title releases across 2024.

At the end of last year, we wrote a somber look back at how these industry cuts defined the 2023 retrospective in gaming. This turned out to be a precursor to the raft of layoff pieces that have been published as gaming studios across the world have made the decision to further cut ties with employees.

Sony announced last month that 900 employees (around 8% of the console maker’s global workforce) would face the door. Jim Ryan, Sony Entertainment’s CEO said that the “industry has changed immensely, and we need to future-ready ourselves to set the business up for what lies ahead.”

The Japanese gaming titan would not be the only big name to shed staff in the early part of this year as Microsoft announced that 1,900 staff from all of the company’s gaming divisions would be let go. In the wake of a record deal with Activision-Blizzard the Microsoft Gaming CEO, Phil Spencer, would release an all-staff memo saying the cuts were “painful”.

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