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January 19, 2024
Can you change your name in Palworld?

Character creation is a big part of gaming, but sometimes, when you are under a lot of pressure to just come up with the perfect character name before getting into the game proper, you end up with something that after about three seconds of gameplay you hate. It’s always good therefore to know how you can just pop back to edit your character and make any changes while adding in that super-cool name you only just dreamt up.

Let’s see how we do that right here.

How to change your name in Palworld  (and your Pals)

At the beginning of the game when you create your character you can alter the look, voice, and all the other good stuff. Then, weirdly, you are given a random name that you simply cannot change for your character. It’s all very odd, and we don’t know why that should be the case, but the devs are promising that in a later build of Early Access character editing and name-changing will become a thing. It’s an example of how janky some things are at this stage of development as we touched on our everything you need to know about Palworld page.

You can however change the names of your Pals (which makes the omission on the character front stranger still. To do this all you need to do is go to the Party Menu and select the Pal you wish to rename and then select the edit name option that is next to its name on the screen.

Note that you will have to level up your Pals before having access to this feature – again this is something that may change sooner rather than later as new builds get released into the wild.

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