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Call of Duty’s next crossover is one that nobody could have guessed


Call of Duty has never shied away from bombastic collaborations that at first glance look…wacky and out of place but are a triumph as soon as the match begins, and the same could be said of the upcoming Season 4 collab.

Hot off the tail of an epic Warhammer 40k x Call of Duty crossover event, yesterday (May 19), both the Bandai Namco and Call of Duty official X accounts dropped a teaser for an upcoming Gundam collab.

It’s time for the shadows to rise up

Gundam comes to Call of Duty in Season 4 @GundamInfoNA

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) May 19, 2024

While the video is a short one and doesn’t show any actual gameplay or really provide any hints about what players can expect from the new season and the collab, people are excited.

“I am ready.” said one Reddit user. “I’m not going to lie. My money is gone.” said another. People on X were just as excited. “Me reluctantly reinstalling CoD every time there’s a cool new collab,” said one, with a gif of Michael Scott from The Office. “This is incredible. I’m freaking out lmao” said another particularly excited user.

The collab was first discovered by data miners in early May when the mid-season 3 content update dropped, and the confirmation means we can afford to get even more excited about other things the miners discovered at the time.

What else is coming in Call of Duty Season 4?

Further additions set to be a part of Season 4 include Fallout, which is seeing a huge resurgence and is currently also collaborating with Fortnite, and The Crow, which is perhaps even further out of left field than Gundam.

Much loved weapons the Kar98k and the SPAS-12 are both set to make a hotly anticipated return alongside new weapons for all, the FNENEC, a subcompact machine gun, and the CR-56 AMAX, an assault rifle.

There will also be three new modes to play – Juggernaut Royale, Warzone Rumble 50v50, and more – though no details have been revealed about them. Three new maps have been announced too.

And of course as with any new season drop, new operators, new weapons and attachments, and new skins galore are sure to be a part of it.

We just hope you get to pilot a mech suit.

Image credit: Activision

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