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January 26, 2024
Brave Browser 1.62: New updates focus on security and privacy

Brave Software has released a new version of Brave Browser, which includes strict improvements on fingerprinting protection and HTTPS everywhere, as reported by

The Chromium-based web browser’s version 1.62 is available now and should be installed on most systems automatically, or users can install the update manually by going to Menu > Help > About Brave. Version 1.62.153 should be displayed on desktop devices after the update.

Brave Software had announced earlier this week that they were removing strict fingerprinting protection from their browser as it was causing regular web incompatibilities. This latest update continues to protect against fingerprinting, just not as aggressively as before, which should make for a more stable browser for users. ‘Fingerprinting’ is the process of gathering specific information about a system or network to create a unique profile of a piece of software, network protocols, operating systems or hardware devices.

Version 1.62 also ditched HTTPS Everywhere, which is a security measure for websites that ensures complete safety for users from online threats, but its removal is not believed to have consequences for Brave Browser users.

What other changes can be found in Brave Browser 1.62?

Other updates in this latest version include changes to the News feature, with articles now opening in new tabs by default as well as users being taken back to their scroll position in the news feed after opening and closing articles. You can access this feature right away by going to chrome://flags#brave-news-feed-update and then setting the experimental flag to ‘Enabled.’

Meanwhile, the implementation of Tor has seen some changes, most notably a brand new setting, enabled by default, to only resolve .onion addresses in Tor windows.

However, the main changes in 1.62 are to Web3 and AI. Brave Leo, which is the integrated AI introduced in version 1.60 has received several updates. The main change here is the ability to react to page content changes during conversations, new context indicators and the formatting of code responses.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a browser that is focused on keeping internet users safe at all times. It blocks trackers and ads on all websites visited, which ensures privacy for its users. It is essentially an ad-blocker, incognito window, private search and VPN rolled into one browser.

All of these perks, Brave says on its website, mean “faster page load, better battery life, even mobile data savings.”

Featured Image: Brave Software

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