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Best MP7 class in XDefiant and how to unlock


Running and gunning with an SMG can be the key to winning XDefiant matches, especially in those maps that have tighter chokepoints. While you’re given the MP5 right out of the gate, it is the MP7 that many are flocking to.

Below, we’ll run you through how to unlock the MP7 so you can get a custom class going and better the opposition in no time. We’ll also detail the best possible MP7 loadout we’ve found so that you’re set up to be the top fragger, no matter the faction, in any game mode.

Best MP7 loadout in XDefiant

If you’re looking for the go-to attachments to slap onto the MP7, here is the best build we’ve managed to create. It’s great for up close and personal exchanges, as well as slightly longer-range sight lines.

Muzzle: Barrel Extender
Barrel: Chrome Lined
Front Rail: PEQ-15
Magazine: Ex Mag
Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped Grip

Since SMGs are essentially made for close-range combat, you’re going to want to extend the reach of your bullets on the MP7 just so you’re able to compete with ARs like the ACR. The Barrel Extender definitely helps with this and allows you to be at least competitive in mid-range fights.

The Ex Mag is almost a necessity as well since it does take quite a few bullets to down an enemy, so if you want a double or even triple kill, it’s essential you increase the bullet count.

As for the rest of the attachments, it’s all about upping that accuracy, whether that be for ADS or hip fire. The choices above all excel in this area and are almost a requirement to make sure you’re on target.

How to unlock MP7 in XDefiant

Since you can’t access the MP7 right away, you will need to perform a task in order to get it unlocked.

Thankfully, there is only one challenge to complete and you can take this on right out of the gate, with no prerequisites required.

The challenge that you need to finish is to get 20 point-blank SMG kills (<5 meters), and is easily completed on maps like Echelon HQ and Arena. Picking game modes like Domination and Hot Shot will get you on these maps more frequently so keep that in mind.

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