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January 22, 2024
Best mods for Palworld

Just a few days into the Early Access period of Palworld and a few million sales later, we are now starting to see the first batch of mods arriving, including a promised (but will probably not last) full Pokemon overhaul of the game which replaces all the Pals with actually real-life (er, you know what we mean) Pokemon.

Nexusmods is the source of all good mods for 1000s of games, and at the moment we don’t have a Steam Workshop for Palworld, that is where we shall head for the mods on this page. There are noticeably a couple of Pokemon mods on there at the time of writing – ones which will turn your character into either Ash or… oh hang on we have refreshed and they have now gone, so it is definitely going to be like that when it comes to Nintendo based ones as expected.

There are plenty of other mods appearing, however, most of which at this stage promise improvements to the way the game runs. These are great, but at this stage, we are expecting a flurry of patches from the devs so they could easily turn into game breakers sooner rather than later – make sure you make a backup of any files you are about to overwrite with mods to be on the safe side.

Of course, if the worst comes to worst, just delete everything and reinstall, being careful to keep your save file if you attached to progress.

Best mods you can install for Palworld

We are going to give you the best three mods in our opinion at this stage and mention a couple of other worth contenders, however, we will be keeping this page updated over the coming days and weeks as more mods make it to the surface.

MapUnlocker mod for Palworld

Well, what do you know – a mod with a self-explanatory title. The MapUnlocker will reveal the entire map which means that you don’t have to go foraging away in the dark to uncover it all. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as some, where you just copy a file or two. You need to install some software in your Palworld folder that will inject code into the Unreal Engine as the game loads. It was originally used to mod Star Wars: Jedi Survivor trivia fans.

Carry weight increase

Again, the clue is in the name and removes one of the more irritating aspects of Palworld life. The amount you can carry before becoming encumbered is quite generous and can be added to as you level up, however, if you accidentally tick over the limit while chopping a tree down or something, the slow walk back to camp is a pain.

Carry weight increase has only been tested by the modder on the Steam version so far, and again you will need to grab a small piece of software to inject it into your Palworld game.

Maximum Graphic Mod

If Pakworld is not taking full advantage of your mighty gaming rig then Maximum Graphic Mod may help you bring it to its knees. All you need to do is extract the files to a location as instructed on your hard drive and you are good to go – assuming you have a setup beefy enough. Make sure you back up the folder first so you can return things as they were

Worthy mentions

You might also be interested in Toggle HUD Mod which disables the HUD and allows you to take pretty screenshots, or the Ghibli Style preset which uses ReShade to make the game look like the popular anime style.

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