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January 11, 2024
Best games room ever – Star Citizen fan spends $30k on turning his room into a starship

Having a super cool games room is the dream of many gamers, and while we are all happy to put up a few Nanoleaf lights here and there, going to the next level and getting an architect to design your ideal gaming space is a bit next level for most of us.

We know you like looking at what others have done for inspiration, so when popular Thai YouTuber and Star Citizen fanatic Bankii decided he was going to splash the cash on a games room design based around his favorite ship in the game, the Crusader Hercules, it was always going to be cool. We were always going to show it.

Besides the bespoke wooden paneling and fiberglass to make the “cockpit”, Bankii has three 65” screens to make the surround display, which he can use for driving and space games – although how good Among Us would look on them is a different question.

A breakdown of his prices according to IGN Asia are:

Ship interior: US$11,685
Automatic doors: US$1,700
Kitchenette and kitchenware: US$1,400
3 x 65-inch TVs: US$4,400
49-inch Samsung CJ890 curved display: US$860
Flight controls & steering wheel: US$1,900
LED lights: US$860
PC: US$6,650

He actually completed this room a year ago, so some of this gear is probably in line for an upgrade, certainly in his PC – It depends on whether he has another 50k spare if he splurged on the latest Star Citizen DLC or not.

What we like

The way the paneling leads to the screens in the cockpit that look like windows out into space. With the addition of blue LEDs to the white interior it looks like every starship ever in Hollywood. It’s a great effort.

How to make a cool games room

We reckon you could actually construct a smaller version of this with a 3D printer or two and we might look into a feature in the near future about 3D printing parts for a cool game setup so make sure you watch out for that.

We will be looking at other cool gaming set-ups in the future so drop me a line on x via the link in my profile

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