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December 15, 2023
Bambu Lab release highly-anticipated new A1 3D printer

Popular 3D printer manufacturer Bambu Lab has announced its brand new A1 printer, a larger version of the A1 Mini that took the hobby by storm earlier in the year.

While many 3D printer manufacturers have enhanced rather than innovated over the past few years, leading to a hobby that still is not beginner-friendly, Bambu Lab has marketed printers that both look less intimidating and have a feature set that is difficult to match. The A1 is billed as your ‘Colorful gateway to 3D printing.’

Bambu’s thing is allowing people to bring using multiple colors of filament at the same time – most FDM printers don’t allow you to do this, but using the proprietary AMS Lite system, users can have up to four colors attached and printing at any one time, making the design options for prints many more times appealing.

The A1 will also feature a quick swap nozzle, which is another fiddly operation on virtually all other 3D printers, allowing you to change parts quickly if you want to print with different materials, such as wood-based filaments, which typically need a nozzle made from hardened steel, rather the more common brass type.

With a build volume of 256x256x256 mm the build plate is also slightly bigger than the standard, although considerably smaller than the new Max printers from the likes of Elegoo and Creality. With active noise canceling on the motors as well, it means the A1 is likely to run more silently than any other printer you might be used to.

The A1 can be purchased without the multi-color AMS system for $399, or with it as a combo for $559 directly from Bambu Lab’s website

You can check out a video of the Bambu Lab A1 in action below.


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