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B52 Stratofortress coming to Microsoft Flight Sim, while Sim Update 15 hits beta


While Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is still heading for a mid-year release, things have definitely gone a little quiet on that front. Fortunately, development of the current version of MSFS continues at its usual speedy pace.

At face value, there are an overwhelming number of aircraft available to fly in MSFS, both courtesy of the devs as well as all the third-party options available. Many though tend to be the more traditional types of plane. What we are going to look at here is a little different as it is a massive nuclear bomber rather than a tiny Cessna.

Under development from SimWorks Studios, the B-52 Stratofortress has been around in one iteration or another since the Cold War, and is famous for the trails of smoke from its engines as it takes off, making it look like it is about to explode.

SimWorks has recently posted some images of the exterior modeling, and this aircraft is still some way away, but the development of something like this is exciting for simmers.

SimWorks said, “The B-52 has been progressing very slowly, but consistently. We currently have the exterior for B-52 models close to completion and a big assortment of different parts. On top of the tall and short tail fins, there are:

— Three different noses: snub nose (models A-F), long nose (G and H), long nose with EVS add-ons (G and H)

— Four different tail gun configurations: B-52A, B-52C through F, B-52G/H with Gattling gun, B-52G/H without Gattling gun, NB-52A, NB-52B

— Two wings: Early B-52 with ailerons, B-52G/H without. There are also wing root strake options indicating that particular B-52s are designated nuclear weapon carriers.

— Three engine types: Early B-52B through E, B-52F/G, B-52H See less.

So it looks as though we are still some way off from seeing this one rumble down our home runways but at least progress is being made.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 15

Asobo and Microsoft have pushed out two beta updates in recent days to players signed up to the game’s beta path ahead of the Sim Update 15 going live shortly. Microsoft confirmed that the target date for Sim Update 15 is 26th March and there will be a Developer Livestream on 13th March on the official Twitch Channel.

Featured Image: Robert Sullivan

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