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December 7, 2023
Arkane might be about to announce a game based on Blade at The Game Awards tonight

With mere hours to go until we will all be tuning into the 2023 Game Awards – the highlight of the videogame calendar, rumors are as rife as ever about the games we might get to see announced at the show.

The Game Awards is known for annually unveiling a host of new titles we can expect and in many ways, this is as exciting as the year’s winners themselves.

One of the rumors that looks like it might have some real legs is news that Arkane Lyon could be preparing to announce a game based on legendary Vampire Hunter Blade at the show. 

Arkane Lyon, devs of the amazingly good Deathloop would be a great choice and the timing is perfect as there is a new Blade movie in the pipeline, some 20 years since Wesley Snipes played the hero last on the big screen. With Arkane Lyon being an Xbox studio it would be unusual in that it would be the first Marvel game that would, or at least could, be an Xbox exclusive.

Arkane Studios overall had a tough 2023 with the eagerly anticipated Redfall falling well short of expectations and flopping badly.

Redfall however was produced by Arkane Austin so it would be a totally different team, this time based in France that could be responsible for this one.

What will win Game of the Year at The Game Awards?

The Game Awards will take place at the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles, starting at 7.30 PM this evening, and will be broadcast live via YouTube, Twitch, and just about anywhere that streams gaming content – including a whole host of co-streamers who have signed up to provide commentary on the show as it happens.

The hot favorites to take the Game of the Year Awards are Baldur’s Gate 3 or Alan Wake 2 after what has been a year of stellar launches across all formats

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