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January 23, 2024
Are Lucky Pals in Palworld the same as Shiny Pokemon?

With everybody assuming Palworld was just a basic Pokemon rip-off, including ex-employees of the Pokemon Company, it stands to reason that the game should have the Palworld equivalent of Pokemon Shinys then.

Shinys in Pokemon are rare shiny spawns of Pokemon with enhancements and cosmetic effects, and while Palworld does not go as far as calling its shinys, er shiny, they do tend to glow just a bit.

In Palworld we aren’t looking for Shiny Pals, we are hunting for Lucky Pals, and like their Pokemon counterparts they are on the rare side and do not spawn regularly at all.

An article on Dot Esports looks at spawn rates using the limited data we have so far with the conclusion, that yes, they are indeed rare. There are some reports of people finding Lucky Pals within an hour of playing, and others saying theory only found three in 30 hours of game time. 

Of course, it is going to depend on where you are looking and a little bit of good fortune to boot, but do not expect to find these rare pals around every corner you explore.

When you finally come across one you will soon discover they put up considerably more of a fight than their non-lucky kin, are much more difficult to catch, and will damage you more than normal Pals. When you do catch one however they are worth it as Lucky Pals have a stat boost named ‘Rare’ which gives them 15% extra on their Attack Power and Work Speed. 

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