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March 11, 2024
Apple reportedly testing AI-driven ad placements in App Store strategy


Apple is reportedly experimenting with an AI-driven advertising platform, partnering with a select group of collaborators, according to Business Insider. This cutting-edge tool is allegedly designed to optimize ad placements within the App Store, potentially enhancing the performance of App Store Search Ads. While AI in advertising is not new, with giants like Google and Facebook already implementing such technologies, Apple’s foray into this space marks a significant development, given its relatively limited advertising options.

Presently, Apple offers a few ad formats within the App Store, allowing developers to promote their apps in the Today tab, the Search tab, top of search results, and at the bottom of app product pages. The company also manages advertising campaigns for the News and Stocks apps, though these are largely coordinated through third parties like NBCUniversal.

Despite being in its infancy, Apple’s advertising venture is poised for substantial growth, with some analysts projecting the company’s ad business to surge to $6 billion by 2025, fueled primarily by Search Ads contributing $4.1 billion, according to a recent AppleInsider report.

The shift toward AI-driven advertising is reshaping the industry, offering targeted efficiency for advertisers and personalized experiences for users. With AI, advertisers can pinpoint their audience with greater accuracy, improving ad spend effectiveness and user engagement. This technology allows for real-time analysis of user preferences, ensuring ads displayed are more relevant and appealing.

Business Insider speculates that the adoption of AI for ad placement could signal Apple’s intentions to expand its ad-supported services, not only within the App Store but across its ecosystem. An AI placement tool could become increasingly vital as Apple potentially introduces more Search Ads slots and explores new avenues for ad display, including other system apps.

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