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December 11, 2023
Apple offers reward for musicians to use high-end audio format

Apple is reportedly set to offer incentives to artists and record labels to produce their content using a new high-end audio format.

As reported by Bloomberg, the tech giant will give preference, in terms of added weighting, to music that is put together using Dolby Atmos, a spatial audio technology that creates a surrounding of sound for listeners.

Unnamed sources have indicated that the fresh plan, yet to be announced, will be generally affordable and especially for those artists and labels who are well established as it should secure greater returns.

That will come in the form of higher royalty fees for those who get on board with the new technology but the responsibility won’t extend to consumers who will not be required to listen to Atmos versions of content. It only matters that a particular song or recording is available in the format.

Dolby Atmos impact on existing music

Whilst this venture will affect new recordings and the music production process, there will also need to be a decision made on existing material.

Labels could decide to give a fresh mix or re-recording to older content, using Atmos, if it is viable and productive for them to do so, with an obvious emphasis on the financial considerations.

Apple has a range of hardware devices that support the new technology from Dolby Laboratories, including AirPods and the HomePod, which the public will need to consider to benefit from the full sound capabilities.

The purpose of spatial audio is that it is designed to replicate the human experience of music in the way the sounds come from different points of a person’s head. It was first introduced to Apple Music in 2021, but not all music streaming apps and platforms can support spatial audio.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple had declined to respond to the claims of its Dolby Atmos offering.

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