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January 16, 2024
Apple News adds new features for US Election 2024

Apple News is aiming to be the go-to source for following the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election by enhancing its app with several new features.

New Apple News Live features

Most notably, the news app has added support for Live Activities on iPhones running iOS 16. Live Activities allow Apple News to display constantly updating information directly on the lock screen or in the Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro models. During the recent Republican Iowa caucuses (Jan.15), the app’s editors utilized Live Activities to show real-time delegate count percentages as results were coming in, reports Apple Insider. Users can now choose to follow specific election-related stories to enable these updates.

The world’s most popular news app has had a dedicated Election 2024 section for some time now, but new personalization options have been added. Readers can now select their preferred news sources, topics, candidates, and even region-specific coverage that will then populate the “For You” section with relevant stories.

For users wanting election coverage in audio form, Apple News+ subscribers and Apple One Premier members can access audio versions of articles in the app. There is also a daily Apple News Today podcast that summarizes top stories in a 10-minute format, as well as Apple News Narrated – a dedicated feed of selected articles read aloud.

With still months to go, more election-centric features may continue being added to the app. But for now, installing the latest iOS 16 update and exploring Apple News’ special election section looks to be a strong starting point to track caucus developments.

What other news apps are out there?

The news app market is a competitive space and Apple has several rivals who will also want a bigger slice of the election traffic pie.

Google News, Flipboard, SmartNews, Feedly, and Pulse Reader are some of the most popular alternatives to Apple News for iOS users.

Google News offers personalized news with cross-platform availability, Flipboard has a magazine-style interface for custom feeds, SmartNews uses AI for intelligent curation while Feedly focuses specifically on RSS feeds rather than general news sources and Pulse Reader is known for readability and topic customization. While no competitor matches Apple News’ iOS integration, each provides something for users wanting alternatives for news aggregation,

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