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October 25, 2023
Amazon’s AI tool promises a visual boost for advertisers

Amazon is beta-testing a game-changing tool for its advertisers: an AI-powered image generator. This tool is designed to elevate the visual appeal of product ads, moving away from mundane product images against plain backgrounds.

Enhancing ad engagement

The e-commerce giant’s new feature aims to dissolve the creative hurdles brands often encounter. By embedding products within lifestyle contexts, Amazon believes advertisers can achieve a significant uptick in engagement. In fact, such contextual imagery could lead to a 40% surge in click-through rates.

While many brands have traditionally been restricted to using basic product images, Amazon’s tool promises a dynamic shift. The company’s research underscores the potential of lifestyle imagery in capturing user attention and driving engagement.

User-friendly design for all

Amazon’s tool is not just for the tech-savvy. It’s crafted to be accessible to all advertisers, especially those without specialized design resources. “The image generation capability is straightforward and demands no technical expertise,” the company stated. Advertisers simply input a prompt, and the AI swiftly churns out multiple image options. However, as is the case with many AI tools, there can be occasional anomalies. According to reporting by The Verge, for instance, an AI-generated image showcased a fork oddly placed near a toaster.

Yet, the majority of the generated images align seamlessly with the standard product visuals on Amazon’s platform. The company’s commitment to generative AI isn’t new. They’ve previously leveraged AI to assist sellers in crafting detailed product descriptions.

Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has been vocal about the company’s deep dive into generative AI. He emphasized its centrality to Amazon’s future endeavors during a recent earnings call.

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